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The Mare Island Historic Park Foundation Mission Statement:
“The mission of the Mare Island Museum is to collect, preserve and interpret the history of Mare Island Naval Shipyard and related entities and to present exhibits and programs that explore, educate and celebrate the diverse military and cultural aspects of the base.” (April 2013)

Some background:
Mare Island Naval Shipyard (MINSY) is located  in Vallejo, California. For over 142 years, our country’s defense depended on Mare Island Navy Yard and over 100 organizations which were in operation there over the years.

The Mare Island Historic Park Foundation’s  goal is to recover as much of that history and the character of the shipyard as possible and make it available to the public. Our educational and museum projects aim to represent many of these activities in a meaningful and living way. In addition, Mare Island ships will be brought in, so visitors from all over the world can see the end product of these labors.